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We offer a full service kayak guide service.  Included are a "try before you buy" service, paddling and safety instruction services adventure and paddling tours (sightseeing, exercising and nature watching) and fishing tours (trout, redfish, flounder - just about any fish in the water) for individuals and groups (up to 6 people).  All tours are available in both salt- and freshwater.  Customers can bring their own kayaks or use one of ours - we offer Hobie, Ocean, Wilderness and Pelican brands.

Our "try before you buy" service offers customers the chance to experience kayaking and try different types and brands of kayaks before buying one.  With kayaks ranging in price from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, it is critical that you know what you are comfortable with, what you can handle and what fits your body best before making the commitment to a specific kayak.  We can point out the benefits of the different brands and types and let you test them out in a real environment before you choose the one for you.

Paddling and safety instruction offers customers a personalized learning experience.  Because Marshall is certified by the ACA as a paddling and safety instructor, customers can be assured they will learn the most current kayaking skills.  Instruction can be provided in a one-to-one or group format.  From an individual with no kayak experience to a group of experienced kayakers – and all levels in between – Marshall shares his technical expertise and real-life experience in an enjoyable format designed with your wants, needs and skill level in mind.

Adventure and paddling tours offer customers a peaceful and relaxing way to enjoy nature in a real-life setting on the water.  You never know what you will find in the wild - you see everything from racoons pulling shells, osprey flying and snatching fish from the water, shrimp, mullet and other fish jumping over or into your kayak, porpoises swimming with you, pelicans landing on the water beside you...I've even seen deer swimming across a bayou, watched Jack Crevalle and mackrel running like torpedos and knocking schools of mullet out of the water and rescued a crane by removing discarded fishing line and plastic garbage from around its body.

Fishing tours primarily use artificial lures; however, we will use whatever the customer is comfortable with - live bait, hard and soft plastic bait, etc.  Areas for freshwater fishing tours include rivers, creeks, bayous and lakes.  Areas for saltwater fishing tours include bays, bayous and the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers.

Fishing tours will encompass more than just putting customers on fish - they will include sharing knowledge collected over a 30-year span of experience on the water.  Customers will learn:

  • how to find and spot fish
  • best techniques to use for different circumstances and locations
  • how different times of the year affect your fishing strategies
  • how to pick a location to fish on with a kayak and how important it is to do so
  • how choosing a location for kayak fishing is different from choosing a location for boat fishing because it is much more difficult to change your location if the fishing is poor with a kayak than it is with a boat
  • how kayak fishing is superior to boat fishing because kayaks can be launched just about anywhere, they float in more shallow water, they are more quiet and don't disturb the fish as much, they are better for the environment with no emissions and they can outperform boats in quantity of fish located and caught and the quality of the fishing experience

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